“gifted tenor John Noh’s voice carried swiftly and confidently through the Astor Court- and perhaps through out the museum”.

-Opera News, May 2019

“this was my first time for John Noh, and I was very impressed by the dynamic young tenor. At times, I was only inches away from him, and his focus and intensity as a performer were amazing. I’ll be on the lookout for another chance to see him perform too”.

-Seen and Heard International, May 2019

“The priest, sung with bright tone and imperious swagger by tenor John Noh”.

-Classical Voice America, May 2019

“John Noh was admirable, even with a character that felt the most thinly developed of the three, offering a burning, blaring tenor of his own as the court’s Buddhist Priest”. 

-New York Classical Review, May 2019

“Lenski, portrayed with fitting earnestness by John Noh MUS ’20, performed one of the production’s most memorable works, Lenski’s arioso “Kak schlastiv ya!” He sings, “I love you, I love you, Olga, as only a poet’s frantic heart can still be fated to love … For you alone I dream, for you alone I long, you are my joy and my suffering.” Noh’s touching, almost haunting, aria set the tone for the rest of the opera.”

-Yale Daily News, Feb 2019

"The four soloists were certainly up to the tasks, with tenor John Chongyoon Noh and Chelsea Shephard gorgeous both in ensemble and solos."

-The Classical Music Network, May 2018


"This little triangle and Nan's actual love story with Fenton (John Chongyoon Noh) provided some of the most memorable melodies and enjoyable grist. Soprano Jessica Niles is a promising talent, as is Mr. Noh."

- Superconductor, Feb 2018


"[the] romance with Fenton, the shy, mellifluous tenor John Chongyoon Noh."

- Opera News, Feb 2018


"There are two tenor roles. Fenton, Anna Reich’s successful suitor, is sung by John Chongyoon Noh with a Camarena-like line and sweetness—they cut his aria’s second verse and I was sad."

- Parterre Box, Feb 2018


"Ms. Niles' interaction with Mr. Noh was as tender as their singing. Their voices were perfect for the ingenue roles they performed."

-Voce di Meche, Feb 2018


"John Chong Yoon Noh had the unique standing of being the only tenor of the evening. He sang “Heimliche Aufforderung” by Richard Strauss in a fervent and inspired interpretation. Noh has a fine, embracing tenor that has a special quality and warmth."

-Brooklyn Discovery Nov 2017


"Andrew Munn, Joshua Blue, and John Noh parodied the whole love/battle metaphor with mock horses, mock fleeing, mock attempts to save the world from that terrible villain Love. Like Shakespeare, Monteverdi enjoyed following tragedy with comedy, and here the comedy was (in Dante’s words) divine."

-The Classical Music Network, Oct 2017